Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lxadmin Host-InA-Box in OpenVZ

Lxlabs' Lxadmin Host-InA-Box template cache for OpenVZ

LxadminTM Host-In-A-Box TM, a full featured web hosting platform that supports apache/lighttpd, bind/djbdns and pure-ftpd, is the most revolutionary thing to happen to vps hosting. When used with lighttpd, it finally makes vps hosting a reasonable choice to the millions of people who are suffocating in the shared environment. The primary barrier to the vps adoption was the minimum RAM requirement, which was completely independent of the number of websites. Even if you had only a couple of websites, to run it comfortably you would at least need 256MB RAM. With its 15MB RAM requirement Lxadmin HIB finally makes a vps affordable to everyone.

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